Article 1 : Definitions

NSM : The French company New Software Marketing

Client: The person or identity hiring NSM.

Services : The services provided by NSM for the client . Proposal : the document proposal provided by NSM highlighting the services that will be provided, their terms and price.

T&Cs : The Terms and Conditions

Partie(s) : NSM and or the Client.

Article 2: Application

The validation of the proposal by the client means that the client accepts all the terms of the proposal including the T&Cs.

Any modification of the proposal such as the modification of the services provided as stated in the proposal will need to be discussed and agreed by both parties before being implemented. Extra charge may incur and client will be made aware of it. Zoom consultations/strategy sessions are not included in the proposal unless explicitly cited in the proposal.

Article 3 – Duration and start date of the project

Membership Launch Box:
The Project can start when the client has agreed to the proposal and terms and conditions. A start date will be decided by both parties. There is 2-week email support following the development of the site. This is a great time for you to go over the site and ask any remaining questions that you might have. After the 2-week period, you can contact our support by email so that we can get those questions answered for you.

Article 4 – Price and Payment

For Membership Launch Box and custom projects, the price is provided in the proposal. As mentioned on the proposal, any feature not mentioned in the proposal could be charged extra.


Monthly and retainer packages are setup on automated recurring payments.

For project based development work, client is invoiced for a deposit or full payment. Full payment is due at the delivery of the project.

A penalty of 10% will be applied to invoices unpaid after 30 days. Payment: PayPal account or credit card. Invoices are due upon receipt.

For coaching and mentoring sessions, payment is made upfront. There are no refunds unless specifically agreed by both parties.

VIP Mentoring

Once purchased, the session is valid for 6 months. The 1h follow up/implementation call needs to be scheduled no longer than 1 month after the first session.
All sessions are recorded and the recordings are provided to the client.
There are no refund with this program.

Article 5 : Obligations of NSM

NSM will provide the services as stated in the proposal.

NSM will inform the client of any event of any form that will prevent them to execute the services.

Article 6 : Obligations of the Client

The Client must provide NSM with all the elements required to execute the services.

The Client is responsible for the content provided to NSM.

Article 7: Confidentiality

Each party agrees to keep all information confidential, including documents, discussions, images, videos.

Article 8 – personal Data

NSM respects your personal data and will not share it with anyone.

Article 9 – Intellectual Property

The Client guarantees NSM that all the elements transmitted (images, videos, copy) are owned by the Client or the Client has the rights to use them.

The Client agrees to keep NSM out of any litigation that could result from the use of unauthorised elements provided by the client.

The Client authorises NSM to share some of the work performed in NSM’s online portfolio and to have a credit link placed at the footer of every page unless stated otherwise in a contract.

Upon successful payment the client owns all parts of the membership site.

Article 10 – Cancellation

Recurring Services:

There is no minimum period unless specified in the contract. The client can cancel anytime by sending us an email at [email protected] . There will be no refund.

Website/Membership Development:

The Client can cancel the development for their site by sending a request to cancel by email at [email protected]. There will be no refund unless agreed by both parties.

Any work already performed will be billed and will need to be paid in full

within 15 days of receipt of the invoice.