Interview with Kamala Chambers

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About Kamala Chambers

Kamala is known as a speaker, best-selling author, launch strategist, passive income consultant, podcast host, and the CEO of Thriving Launch.

Her online business success allows her the freedom to travel the world and vacation at her self-built eco-home on the beautiful San Juan Islands.

She wrote the book Road to Love: Lessons and Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy, which follows a 15-year journey through all of her past relationships.

For over 10 years, she has mentored entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world; specializing in product launches, creating passive income, and podcast production.

Kamala is the creator of launch school, an  online classroom that gives all the action steps and accountability you need to launch your online course. Since the creation of Launch School, the course has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches around the globe with their online launches.


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