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About eatathomecooks.com

When Tiffany contacted me, she already had a membership site but it was not working for her. Her members had difficulty accessing the content (so lots of manual work for her and her team), she could not give them access to previous meal plans they had paid for, and it was overall clunky and not user friendly (not to mention hard for her team to maintain and make work smoothly with Infusionsoft.

Tyffany was already a client as we had been doing some fixes on her public website so when I told her I was building memberships, she was interested in founding out more. When I showed her the possibilities when combining AccessAlly and Infusionsoft, she was hooked!

AccessAlly - Infusionsoft - Eatathomecooks.com Tiffany King

The Challenge

The first challenge on this project was to make sure that all her current members would still get access to what they had purchased with minimum to know disruption. We also wanted to give them the opportunity to access previously purchased content (which totally made sense but was not possible in the previous platform). Thanks to AccessAlly and their tag based logic, we were able to implement this functionality for her and she was thrilled!

The Result

We delivered a platform that is functional and that gives full control to her team to add more content regularly.

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Student Dashboard (Click to expand)

AccessAlly - Infusionsoft - Eatathomecooks.com Tiffany King

Customization & Flexibility

A key requirement for this project was to give Tiffany’s team total control over the platform once it was delivered. With our tutorial videos her team was able to make the platform theirs and expand on it as they were dripping content weekly.

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Meal Plans and shopping lists (Click to expand)

AccessAlly + Infusionsoft membership site - eatathomecooks.com - Tiffany King