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About Whole Life Happy

Rebecca contacted me because she wanted to build a membership site that would host her courses, life lessons as well additional resources such as meditations and printables.

AccessAlly was an obvious choice for us (she actually had chosen the platform before we spoke) and it turned out beautifully!.

AccessAlly - Active Campaign - International Reiki Association

Ease of Use and great member experience

Another feature that was dear to Rebecca was to be able to improve the progress tracking and gamification of the platform. We used ProgressAlly to help students track their progress, take private notes below each video delivered and check off steps as they were completed to allow them to see their progress throughout the courses.


Crystal wanted to incorporate assignments and progress tracking to the courses. We used ProgressAlly to define the assignments and track progress as well as provide a safe place for them to take notes through the private note feature of ProgressAlly.

Progress Tracking/Gamification (Click to Expand)

AccessAlly ProgressAlly Active Campaign - International Reiki Association

A functional and organized Dashboard

Rebecca’s dashboard was designed in such a way that it’s easuy for members to know what they have access to and what they don’t. When they click on a badge they get redirected to the piece of content bug if they don’t have access to it yet it can redirect them to a sales page or an opt-in to signup for a waiting list. A great way to build a list of pre-qualified leads interested in your next offering!

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AccessAlly ProgressAlly Active Campaign - International Reiki Association