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Dr. Dawn Dalili

Dr. Dawn Dalili is helping people regain their health and living the life they want.

When Dawn contacted us, she was looking for a team to build a learning platform to host her upcoming online course. She didn’t really care about the tools used and how they integrated with each other, she just wanted a platform that would host her courses, and allow her to support a large number of members with no hiccups.

AccessAlly - Active Campaign - ProgressAlly Dr Dawn Dalili membership site

The Project

Dawn wanted a membership site built with little to no knowledge about the technical aspect of things (and no interest in learning what plugin to use, what theme to use…) she was looking for a theme to come up with a great combination of tools that would work great together and that could scale. We went with AccessAlly for the membership plugin, Active Campaign for the List management System and ProgressAlly for progress tracking and gamification.

The Result

The Membership Launch Box was a perfect fit for Dawn and her team. They wanted something fast, reliable, all integrated but they didn’t have their content ready yet and wanted full control adding content and more courses as they were becoming available. The team has even made changes to the design and imagery since it was delivered which really shows they’ve taken control of the platform to make it their own!

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Student Dashboard (Click to expand)

Dr. Dawn Dalili - AccessAlly - ProgressAlly - Active Campaign

Selling multiple products & bundles

One of the requirements for this project was to be able to sell products as individual programs but to also allow to easily sell bundles.
When members log in to the system, they wanted to be able to show everything that Crystal has to offer (free and paid content) with links to learn more or purchase any piece that they did not already have access to.
AccessAlly was the obvious choice for this project because of its flexibility and its ability to support tens of thousands of members with no hiccup.


Dawn wanted a way for her membership to make the commitment of applying what they learned, so we used ProgressAlly to define a list of objectives for members that they could check off and they made progress through the course.

Sharing on Social Media

We’ve added some social sharing links on the sidebar so that members can share what the program with their friends and network, that is a great way for Dawn to get more exposure for her courses,
another feature of ProgressAlly.

Example of Course module (Click to expand)

Dr. Dawn Dalili - AccessAlly - ProgressAlly - Active Campaign

Customization & Flexibility

A key requirement for this project was to give Dawn’s team total control over the platform once it was delivered.They didn’t have their logo yet, they were not sure of the color palette and images,
but thanks for our tutorial videos they’ve been able to make modifications to it as their brand evolves. Speed of implementation is key and Dawn wanted to have some ready fast so that she could start testing her course and platform and get feedbacks to improve it and get it to the next level.

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