Infusionsoft is an amazing marketing tool. Can’t imagine running my business without it. Building campaigns can be overwhelming though, especially without a strategy in place and an end goal in mind.

Any tool, no matter how incredible, can be a total waste of time and money if not used right. Infusionsoft is really no different.

So here’s how we suggest creating a successful campaign that will bring clients and money in your door:

1. Your lead magnet needs to match your offer

If your lead magnet (or freebie or bribe) is an e-book about the 7 best places to travel with kids, it doesn’t make sense that your offer is a 45-minute course on building a website. I know that’s an extreme example, but you get the idea and I am always surprised to see the disconnect between the lead magnet and the offer.

So start with the end in mind, what do you want them to do or buy, and create your lead magnet based on that. Make sure what you’re offering is something that your people want and will answer the main question that they all ask themselves.

2. A clear goal/call to action in all the emails

You’re going to be sending a series of emails to educate, empower and let people get to know you. This series can include many things but one thing they must all have is a CTA or call to action at the end. This is one thing you want them to do like click on a link, hit reply to answer a simple question, buy, call you, signup for a consult. You explicitly have to ask them to take the action.

3. Tracking of behavior

This is something that not a lot of people do, especially if you don’t have the proper platform to do it. You want to know if your campaign is doing its job so you can tweak it and make sure it’s performing as well as possible.

Do people open emails?
Are they clicking on links?
Are they buying your end of series offer?

These are metrics to pay attention to and a big mistake is assuming people are doing what you want them to.

There is no point really tweaking your offer if you don’t have those numbers as it becomes a guessing game. In infusionsoft you can do a lot of this through tagging so that you can more closely monitor and market to people who show interest and click on your links.

4. Needs to educate not just sell

The whole point of campaigns is to move your people through what I call the trust ladder.

You’re showing them bits and pieces of what it’s like to work with you or samples of what your offerings are. People don’t do business with the business, they do business with PEOPLE. That’s why it’s so important to educate as thoroughly and efficiently as possible in your campaign. It’s your shot to make a great impression.

5. Building the trust ladder

It is VERY rare from someone to see a post or arrive on your website and buy something from you immediately. Especially is you’re selling a service to them. People typically only buy from people that they know, like and trust. Any one of those pieces missing and you’ve failed at converting them to a customer.

Be sure you’re conveying your best messages in your campaigns to build this factor. Your overall goal here is to lead to fan to a client and keep following up. Those that don’t buy right away but that you continue to follow up with, if done right, will account for up to 50% of your sales. That’s a huge number.

What are your tips for a successful Infusionsoft campaign? Have questions? Comment below!