There really is a lot that we just don’t know when we start a business. A LOT. But that’s okay because they say the key is to “start before you feel ready” and “learn as you go”- whoever “they” are. That’s been a major learning process throughout our whole journey at New Software Marketing. Even a few weeks ago, we were making a few changes to our business to serve our customers better, and that really is what it’s all about.

When we started our business, Aweber suited our needs. It delivered our weekly newsletters to our customers and we had a few automated sequences that went out after delivering our freebie. It was fine.

But then our company exploded, thankfully, and “fine” just wasn’t enough to suit our needs anymore.

1. Segmentation

Yes, you can segment using Aweber, but it wasn’t a simple fix, especially back when we were customers. It was clunky, complicated and didn’t’ work the way we really needed it to in order to best communicate with our clients and potential clients. Infusionsoft was simple enough to set up and understand after a bit of training. There is no concept of list in Infusionsoft, you just have a list of contacts that you can tag based on their actions/behaviors.

2. Integration

As NSW grew and we learned of some other new, fancy tools that we wanted to start using, Aweber just didn’t have the bandwidth to integrate with them, that’s how we started to look for another solution. Infusionsoft seems to integrate with most all of the tools that are popular and effective with successful businesses so we could easily grow into it and not have to wait for them to play catch-up with up-and-coming technology.

3. Behavioral Marketing

If you really want to be successful online you have to understand what your potential customers are doing. What are they reading? What are they clicking on? What are they NOT clicking on? Infusionsoft allows us to track a contact’s behavior so that we can send them to appropriate sequences based on their actions. That is personalized marketing!

4. All In One

At the end of our research, Infusionsoft would replace multiple tools and really was and all in one solution for lead-generation and ecommerce (shopping cart, order form,..). It was a no brainer decision for us after we reviewed it versus what we already had (Aweber) and what else was available to us (Ontraport, hated the interface).

Obviously we’re fans, and as Infusionsoft Certified Partners it has become our number one recommended solution for businesses that are ready to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you’ve made the switch and need clarity on how to best use Infusionsoft, or if you’re thinking about switching but are not sure if this is a solution for you, you can apply for a consultation on skype, I’d be happy to give you clarity on what your options are based on your business needs.

Your turn: Share in the comments what you use currently to communicate with your list and automate your sales processes OR if you’re already an IFS convert, what you love most about it.