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About Your Blogging University

Crystal Paine is New York Times bestselling author, speaker, business consultant, and founder of MoneySavingMom.com and YourBloggingMentor.com.

For years, she’s been wanting to bring her 12+ years of blogging experience to the eyes and ears of aspiring bloggers, newbies, and experienced bloggers alike. When she first started blogging, there was no social media, there were no blogging mentors or tutors, and there certainly weren’t any comprehensive courses teaching aspiring bloggers how to make money blogging. She had to do it on her own.
Crystal and her team contacted us to make this learning platform a reality and the rest is history!

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The Challenge

Crystal wanted a customizable platform where members would have control over their blogging education. They could choose to purchase part of the curriculum or all of it. She also wanted gamification, progress tracking and an easy to navigate interface so that her members would always know where to look for the next piece of relevant content for them.

The Result

Crystal has a great team surrounding her and because they were really clear on what they wanted, we were able to deliver their learning platform in just 1 week. They then went on adding their content and customizing it further thanks to our tutorial videos.

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Student Dashboard (Click to expand)

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Selling multiple products & bundles

One of the requirements for this project was to be able to sell products as individual programs but to also allow to easily sell bundles.
When members log in to the system, they wanted to be able to show everything that Crystal has to offer (free and paid content) with links to learn more or purchase any piece that they did not already have access to.
AccessAlly was the obvious choice for this project because of its flexibility and its ability to support tens of thousands of members with no hiccup.


Crystal wanted to incorporate assignments and progress tracking to the courses. We used ProgressAlly to define the assignments and track progress as well as provide a safe place for them to take notes through the private note feature of ProgressAlly.

Sharing on Social Media

Crystal and her team are taking full advantage of the social media share feature of ProgressAlly! You can easily create links to share links and images on the major social media platforms (check out the full list here), a great way to draw more people to your free content for sure.

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Customization & Flexibility

A key requirement for this project was to give Crystal’s team total control over the platform once it was delivered. With our tutorial videos her team was able to make the platform theirs and expand on it by adding resources sections and links to existing blog posts to their course pages.

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Course Module Resources section (Click to expand)

Your Blogging University - AccessAlly - ProgressAlly - Infusionsoft