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About The International Reiki Association

The International Reiki Association was founded to meet the changing needs of Reiki Practitioners around the world.

Lisa contacted me because she wanted to build a membership site for her Reiki practitioners. She had classes on Udemy with thousands of students, but no centralized place to manage the students, and worst of all she had to manually create Reiki certificates for each student completing a course,
that was hours of work every single day!

AccessAlly - Active Campaign - International Reiki Association

The Challenge

the challenge on this project was to build a platform that would both accommodate her previous students who completed their course on Udemy and her knew students who would be completing the courses on this new platform. We both agreed that AccessAlly combined with ProgressAlly was the way to go to offer the flexibility that she needed to be able to handle her past and new students.

Lisa also wanted more flexibility in terms of layout structure and more support for progress tracking. The Membership Launch Box was an obvious match!

The Result

We used ProgressAlly to automatically generate a Reiki certificate once an assessment was successfully completed. That not only allowed Lisa to make sure that Students have gone through the course and acquired the knowledge, it also allowed the Reiki certificates to be generated while she sleeps 🙂

We also moved 1 of classes from udemy to the new platform, added Gamification and progress tracking, and thanks to our tutorial videos Lisa was able to add all her other courses.

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Assessment/Quiz (Click to expand)

 AccessAlly - ProgressAlly - Active Campaign International Reiki Association

Generate Reiki Certificate when Assessment passed (Click to expand)

AccessAlly ProgressAlly - Active Campaign- international Reiki Association

Selling multiple products & bundles

Another feature that was dear to Lisa was to be able to improve the progress tracking and gamification of the platform. We used ProgressAlly to help students track their progress, take private notes below each video delivered and check off steps as they were completed to allow them to see their progress throughout the courses.


Crystal wanted to incorporate assignments and progress tracking to the courses. We used ProgressAlly to define the assignments and track progress as well as provide a safe place for them to take notes through the private note feature of ProgressAlly.

Sharing on Social Media

Crystal and her team are taking full advantage of the social media share feature of ProgressAlly! You can easily create links to share links and images on the major social media platforms (check out the full list here), a great way to draw more people to your free content for sure.

Progress Tracking/Gamification (Click to Expand)

AccessAlly ProgressAlly Active Campaign - International Reiki Association

Customization & Flexibility

A key requirement for this project was to give Lisa and her team total control over the platform once it was delivered. With our tutorial videos her team was able to make the platform theirs and expand on it by adding more courses, assessments and certificates generations to the platform.

We also setup a Forum using The Website ToolBox, and easy to customize forum solution for WordPress that integrates beautifully with the membership!

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