About Clairitynow.com

About Clairitynow.com and Stephanie Clairmont

Stephanie is a registered dietitian, mom, wife, yoga lover, dog owner, passionate about helping people suffering with digestive health issues.
After suffering for years with IBS herself, Stephanie now shares all her insights from personal and professional experience to help others better manage IBS, Crohns’, Colitis and other digestive health issues.

Stephanie contacted us because she was looking for a team to create a more robust and functional platform than what she currently had.Above all, she was looking for a platform where she and her would be able to easily add more courses and content. She wanted to have full control over the platform once it was delivered. the Membership Launch Box was a perfect fit for her!

The Challenge

Stephanie had an opportunity to put her program Clairitynow in front of a lot of people in the Insurance industry so she needed something implemented quickly but cutomized to her branding and fully functional. She was not pleased with her current LMS system (stand for Learning Management System) as she wanted to be able to incorporate assessments at the beginning of each class and not release a course until they were ready for it.

The Result

We chose ProgressAlly for the LMS (our favorite Gamification tool) and AccessAlly to deliver her courses.

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Selling multiple products & bundles

One of the requirements for this project was to be able to sell products as individual programs but to also allow to easily sell bundles.
When members log in to the system, they wanted to be able to show everything that Crystal has to offer (free and paid content) with links to learn more or purchase any piece that they did not already have access to.
AccessAlly was the obvious choice for this project because of its flexibility and its ability to support tens of thousands of members with no hiccup.


We incorporated an assessment for the first course using ProgressAlly and thanks to our tutorial videos she and her team were able to easily replicate what we did. They’ve added quite q few courses since we delivered the platforms and we’re really pleased with the way it came out!

To help her membership keep track of where they are in the process, we’ve added progress tracking as well on each course with the display of % completion right from the dashboard. It gives her members a clear view of where they’re are in the program and encourages them to go further.

Sharing on Social Media

Crystal and her team are taking full advantage of the social media share feature of ProgressAlly! You can easily create links to share links and images on the major social media platforms (check out the full list here), a great way to draw more people to your free content for sure.

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Customization & Flexibility

Stephanie and her team have made a few changes in the branding and customization since we delivered the platform and that’s exactly the point! With are easy to follow short video tutorials,
you can change your logo, modify your color palette, change your banners and background images and even change your whole layout if you want to. We use the theme Divi, a simple drag and drop theme that requires absolutely no coding and our clients LOVE it.

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