We’ve all been there, I mean having the Shiny Object Syndrome. And some of us still fall into the trap again from time to time. It kind of hit me in early 2015 when I did my taxes (well my accountant did) and we saw that we spent 45K in 2014 in training.

That’s a lot of money, for anyone.

So that forced to really look at what we actually spent it on and see the courses/programs where we actually followed through and took action. Of course not all of them. Really… not many of them.

Trying to remember why we bought this course or that course, I realized that we were probably asking ourselves the wrong questions when we bought most of the programs.

What we should have asked ourselves was : “is this going to help me get to my goals faster? If it is let’s do it, if not, it can wait. Is this something that I really need to learn or should I outsource it?

The thing is, in order to answer this question, you need to first be really clear on what your goals are and stay focused on them.

Because without goals, any tool can look cool and make you feel like you are making progress and moving forward when in fact you might be going around in circle.

So what is my cure to shiny object syndrome?

A realistic online strategy and a plan to get there.

I have an interesting story to share to illustrate my point.

One of my clients decided to “pause” our monthly Marketing service and I saw it coming a mile away. The reason? Shiny object syndrome.

We got our first 2 calls, and she was really really happy. I mean she said something like “I have never gotten so much from a session with anyone, this is exactly what I need and you obviously know what you’re doing. I am so lucky to have found you.”

We had a great plan to get her to her goals and she seemed really excited to work with me. I think she really was.

But something happened.

She met a guy.

She told me he was the CEO of his own company (aren’t we all ?) and that she thinks she should switch gears and start using a different system for her membership. You could tell that she was torn and she asked me what I thought she should do.

I told her that there were more than ONE way to do things and that I didn’t think what he told her justified switching gears. After all, everything she expressed she wanted, we could achieve with our solution (AccessAlly).

I explained to her that she wouldn’t be able to do everything she wanted with the other platform. We had a great plan in place so I did not understand why she wanted to deviate from that, but that if she felt he was a better fit she should go for it and I wished her good luck.

She came back a short time later, saying she wanted to keep my service but that she would want to use that other platform instead of what I recommended, I said Ok (but I shouldn’t have).

A week later she got another episode of SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome). She decided that she absolutely needed to use clickfunnels to track things. We had just put a system in place to do just that with Infusionsoft.

But you see she had talked to someone who was using it and she felt she had to have it. And that’s when she decided to “pause” our service. That’s when I ended it.

Because until she gets focused, she can’t follow through a plan, and I can’t help her.

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Now I’d love to hear from you: do you have a strategy in place in your business to achieve your goals? Do you have clear goals?

We all get shiny object syndrome at one time or another BUT if you want a successful and PROFITABLE business, you have to get a handle on it.

Share in the comments below how you stay focused on your strategy. And of course, we’d love to hear what your goals are too!