Building an online course is no small task. It takes hard work and focus but the result is so worth the effort.

It will allow you to not only work on your own terms, you’ll also be able to make a much bigger impact by helping tons more people than if you were doing just 1 on 1 work.

Creating an online course does not mean that you need to ditch your clients and services, it’s about adding a valuable asset to your business that will not only make you money but will help you position yourself as an authority in your field.

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1 -You have an expertise and you want to expand your reach

Sharing your expertise with your clients is awesome and very empowering. When I build and deliver a website or an online course to a client I can see their excitement when they first see their new asset they now have in their business.

But there are only so many clients you can work with at a time, and if you want to make a bigger impact in the world, packaging your knowledge into an online course is a great opportunity to create a large community that wants to learn from you.

Educate them and nurture them and they will share your online course with their friends and provide you with the best testimonials.

2 – you want more flexibility to work when you want where you want.

While it is very rewarding to work one on one with clients and see the amazing results that they can get, you’re tied to their calendar and you can’t really choose when you work or what you work on.

If you want that freedom, creating an online course or a membership is going to allow you to work on your own terms. Your calendar will not be controlled by your clients anymore. You choose when and where you work and what you work on.

3 – you want to generate more revenues and scale your business without working more

If you’re working one on one with clients right now, you know the potential stress and work you have to put in to find new clients months after months.
By building an online course or a membership you’ll start building an asset instead of trading time for money.

Because everything will be setup for once and for all, you’ll be able to automate a lot of the steps.

Once you’ve built your content you can focus on building your tribe through attractive freebies, nurturing your students and helping them get results.

Now I’d like to hear from you : what is preventing you from creating that first online course? Is it the tech stuff? Is it the creation part? Is it finding the tribe for it? Please comment below!

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